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31 Jul 2017 Star Community Hub Solar System exceeds expected performance by 40%

The system was estimated to generate nearly 60Mwh energy per annum, however during the first 11 months of its operation, the Kingspan Solar array has already generated over 78Mwh! That means the actual energy generated during the whole year will equate to approx. 85Mwh – an astonishing 41% more than the TSol projection.


The initial system projections forecast natural gas savings of over 7,000m3 and CO2 savings of nearly 15,000kg per annum, saving up to 30% on annual energy costs in process. That would have been around £2,000 per annum in gas savings at today’s prices plus potential RHI payments of around £8,000 per year, index linked for twenty years, providing a combined benefit of over £200,000 over the lifetime of the system! The forecast Carbon savings over the course of the 20-year life of the system were estimated to  be the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back three times, whereas annual carbon savings are equal to driving a car for 121,826 km – which is equivalent to driving 3 times around the earth!


All of these projected carbon and gas savings were based on the original TSol projection – if we take into account the delivered performance to date, then the actual carbon and gas savings will also be around 40% higher than the original TSol forecast!