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MCS Solar Thermal Installation at Brunel University, London


Solar Thermal Installation at Brunel University

Designed and Installed by Ecofit Energy Systems Summer 2014


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Ecofit Energy Systems have installed two 24 square metre solar arrays at Brunel University Student Halls in Uxbridge. Chepstow and Clifton accommodation blocks have been fitted with self ballasted frame mounted solar arrays, each comprising of 240 Kingspan HP400 evacuated solar tubes. These rooftop arrays feed dedicated 1,000 litre solar pre-heat cylinders in the ground floor plant rooms, and each system incorporates a heat dissipation unit as added protection against system stagnation. The frames were designed with adjustable feet pads to level out the contours of the Sarnafil roof.


The solar pump stations and 3 port valves are controlled by Kingspan SC300 controllers with BMS interface and we have fitted Sontex Superstatic 449 Heat Meters to each system to allow the client to claim Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


Mechanical Contractor   A C Preou, Romford  
Design Consultants TGA Consulting and Kingspan  
Client Brunel University  


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