Case Studies

Underfloor Heating installation at new Burlais Primary School, Swansea


Underfloor Heating installation at new Burlais Primary School Cwmbwrla, Swansea

Designed and Installed by Ecofit Energy Systems Winter/Spring 2015

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Design and installation of a complete Underfloor Heating system, with a total floor area of 3,500 square metres; and including floor insulation, vapour barrier and system control actuators.  The new installation provides complete heating coverage for all areas of the new build primary school, and is fully integrated into the BMS controls system.

Ecofit Energy Systems designed and installed a Tacker Sheet system with sealed PE vapour barrier on 60mm EPS150 insulation, all installed within the new 80mm screed floor. Giacomini pumped mixing manifolds, 230v actuator heads, and 16mm PE-X underfloor heating pipework were selected for the installation, and the project was completed in accordance with the phased programme set by Dawnus.

Giacomini packaged underfloor system was selected for this project as the pipework system is covered by the manufacturer’s 50 year guarantee and the local Giacomini Technical Sales office offers excellent support and technical backup.   



Mechanical Contractor Riverside Industrial Equipment
Main Contractor Dawnus Construction
M&E Consultant Richards Partnership, Swansea
Client Swansea City Council